Lot of Replacement parts for ELEGOO resin 3D printers - Mars 1/2/3/4 Series and Saturn 1/2/3 Series [Stripped Parts Hardwares]


For WHOLE/UPPER/LOWER unit/half, please leave a note ALONG with the order if particular parts are need - we will pick a unit from the lot for your order. 

This listing is for parts & hardwares stripped from Elegoo Mars and Saturn Series units - parts list:

Upper Half - Everything above the red aluminum panel and up: linear rails, Z axis assembly.
Mid Panel - the (red) aluminum panel with 2x threaded holes for vat tanks knobs (LCD not included)
Lower Half - Everything below the red aluminum panel. It contains UV, touch screen, mainboard.

Z axis assembly - part of the upper half of the printer, except for the red aluminum panel and below [leave us a note if limit switch is needed - it's NOT included by default]
Replacement LCD - this is considered as a consumable component and replacement required everything 1000 hours. Please refer to another listing in our store.
Other parts - leave us a message along with your order if any particular parts are needed e.g. UV light source, touch screen, Fresnel lens, instead the entire lower half of the unit.
Whole units w/ Defects -> The unit was returned in a poor condition that contains heavy signs of wears/tears/aesthetic issues such as scratches, dents/cracking.  It might not come with original factory packaging. It might miss one or  ALL parts/hardware/accessories. Our store warranty is that customers will make 1 FULLY functional unit for every purchase of 2 units - or you get FREE replacement parts on your fix-up projects. Great as source of parts/hardware (if you buy just 1) or as DIY fix-up projects for experienced DIY experts.
Most common defects/damage for resin 3D printers
— upper half issues —
A) bad monochrome masking LCD, not rendering the exact image shown on the touchscreen. This is routine maintenance (consumable parts - replacement lcd is due/required every 1000 hrs)
B) movement issues - Z axis not moving/homing properly, buzzing, bent lead screw etc
— Lower half issues —
C) bad UV - dim/partial/no UV light emission 
D) miscellaneous issues: cosmetic body damage, stuck knobs, firmware issues errors, touch screen no response, not power on (PSU), noise fans etc
For additional consumable accessories, please refer to the link below:
Build plates (new/used shipping from Nevada):
Resin vat tank (new/used shipping from Nevada):
Replacement LCD screens (new/used shipping from Nevada):
Replacement vat tank knobs (new/used shipping from Nevada):
Also please refer to this 3-page master listing page directly from Elegoo Official if brand new accessories/parts are needed (get them NOW while they last):