Replacement 2K 4K 6K 8K Monochrome LCD for Elegoo Mars 1/2/3 PRO Saturn MSLA 3D Printers


Original Monochrome LCD screen. 
Recommended to replace every 1000 to 2000 hours.

Special notes on 1st Gen Elegoo Saturn:

Some models (especially Saturn 1st Genrequire re-flashing firmware after the replacement. Please double check on Elegoo official website and Reddit community on the details & tutorials. This Youtube video is recommended - please watch:

How to determine the LCD screen you have on your 1st Gen Saturn:

Firmware for the 1st Gen Saturn LCD Screens (choose 1 out of the 3 versions of PJxxx05/PJ L/TM):

Firmware Updating Guide: Click to view

PJ L Screen: Click to download: V4.4.3-Z1_LCDZ/3840X2400/F14.24-link 1 or link 2 - Google Drive

PJ V5 Screen: Click to download: V4.4.3-Z1_LCDZ/3840X2400/F15.26-link 1 or link 2 - Google Drive ( If there is a line in the middle of the LCD screen, please rollback the firmware to F15.24: Click to download-link 1 or link 2 - Google Drive)

TM Screen: Click to download: V4.4.3-Z1_LCDZ/3840X2400/F2.18-link 1 or link 2 - Google Drive