Deals and Promos

VALIDATED Site-wide deals:

Promo #1: special CLEARANCE Deals on these specific models from our Nevada warehouse  

$135 on Neptune 3 PRO (pre-owned 30-day warranty)
$149 on Neptune 4 (pre-owned 30-day warranty)
$159 on Neptune 4 PRO (pre-owned 30-day warranty)
$89 on Mars 3 (pre-owned 30-day warranty)
$99 on Mars 3 PRO (pre-owned 30-day warranty)
$144 on Saturn 2 (pre-owned 30-day warranty)

Promo #2: Resin printing 3-Item Combo Super Bundle Deal

Begin your 3D resin printing journey today with our comprehensive super bundle kit, equipped with everything you'll ever need right here. 

Promo #3: Get in on our eBay auction with these exclusive 5-Day-Only live lots!

Hosted by eBay and available to ALL.
This auction is for liquidation purpose ONLY on a first come, first served basis.
If the winning bidder does not pay at the end of the auction, we will offer second chance offers to 2nd-place bidders.

All auction items will have to be GONE and will be shipped out next business day. No holding over 24 hours is accepted.
Private offers WILL be rejected during auctions - we will SELL even if there's 1 bid.

Promo #4: Build 1 from 2 for resin 3D printers - rewarding fixup projects

We will pick 2 units from the lot with damage and defects that compliments each other (as donor/donee units) so that 1x fully functional unit is 100% guaranteed (or ANY parts are on us). This is a great project for doers that enjoy the learning and fix-up process. Building with confidence!