4-Pack Replacement Knobs Screws Bolts to Lock Down Resin Vat Tanks HEX Metal Metric Bolts M4 * 40 mm Length for Elegoo Saturn 1/2/3/S/8k Mars 4/3(PRO)


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  • 100% compatible with Elegoo ALL Saturn series of 1/2/3/S/8K models as well as Elegoo Mars 3 and Mars 4 Series
  • Never stuck with half cured resin again - this knob has the LARGEST possible knob size without being in the way of the movement of the build plate
  • Made of durable high quality steel with metric M4x 0.7mm threading with 40 mm length to precisely fit Elegoo printer vat tank holes
  • Heavy Duty knobs to tightly fasten down the resin vat and prevent leaks. Stops vat wobbling or shifting during printing for smooth, even prints
  • CAUTION: it's not compatible with Mars 4 Max.