3D printer rental starts as low as at $1/day - start printing today * Nevada local customers only

Please walk in and ask our associates for 3D printers rental!

Rental price ranges from $1(Weedo Tina 2) to $10 (Elegoo Jupiter) per day.
Both filament and resin printers are available.

Minimum Charge: The Renter agrees to pay a minimum charge of $30, regardless of the duration for which the printer is rented. Even if the printer is returned earlier than the agreed rental period, the minimum charge still applies.


Condition and Maintenance:

  1. The Renter acknowledges that the printer is delivered in good working condition and agrees to maintain the rental unit in the same condition throughout the rental period.
  2. The Renter is responsible for keeping the rental unit clean, intact, and free from damage and dirt, except for normal signs of use, wear, and tear.
  3. The Renter agrees to return the rental unit in the same condition it was delivered, without requiring any replacement parts, hardware, or additional maintenance work such as unclogging, cleaning, or tuning.
  4. The Renter will be held liable for any damage to the printer, including but not limited to dents, cracking, and spills that exceed normal signs of use. NV LIQUIDATION LLC reserves the right to charge the Renter for the repair or replacement costs associated with such damages.


Deposit Refund: NV LIQUIDATION LLC will inspect the printer upon return, and if no damages or additional charges are incurred, the deposit will be refunded in the original form of payment within 1 business day of the inspection.