ELEGOO Neptune 4 Series (PRO PLUS MAX) - High Speed Printing at 300ºC Direct Drive & Klipper Friendly

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The major difference between Neptune 4 and Neptune 3 series is below:
A. Neptune 4 series has various extended ports to support remote control - LAN, USB-C, USB 2.0
B. Neptune 4 series is equipped with a robust cooling system with 4x individual blowers which makes high speed printing possible.
The major difference between Neptune 4 and Neptune 4 PRO is below:
The Pro version has segmented heat on the build plate.
The Pro version has metal linear rail on X/Y axis instead of the rubber wheels.
* the touch screen is ONLY interchangeable with Neptune 3 PRO and later models
* the advertised printing speed at 500 mm/s requires Elegoo RAPID Filament.

Same day pick-up available or fast shipping from Las Vegas Nevada 89103

*Neptune 3 Series is still available with us at this link
*Neptune 2 (discontinued) Series available with us too at CLEARANCE PRICE - this link

This listing is a DIY 3D printer that requires assembly, calibration, modifications & dedication. It’s great only for who love to do homework, research and learn on YouTube as well as on users communities. Please only buy this model if you ENJOY this process. 

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*REMINDER: this is a used unit. NOT REFURBISHED

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-- Compatibility notes --

* touch screen controllers are interchangeable among ALL these 7 models (firmware reflahsing is required)
Neptune 3 Pro, 3 Plus, 3 Max, Neptune 4, 4 Pro, 4 Plus, 4 max

* main boards are interchangeable throughout the series:
Neptune 3 series: 3 Pro, 3 Plus, 3 Max - same main board (firmware reflahsing is required)
Neptune 4 series: 4, 4 Pro - same physical main board (firmware reflahsing is required)
Neptune 4 Plus, 4 max
- same physical main board (firmware reflahsing is required)

* hotend assembly is interchangeable throughout the generations
Neptune 3 series: 3 Pro, 3 Plus, 3 Max - same hotend (just plug-in, no action required)
Neptune 4 series: 4, 4 Pro - same hotend (just plug-in, no action required)
Neptune 4 Plus, 4 max - same hotend (it has a black chip for X axis accelerometer)

-- Manufacturer's Description --
Max Print Speed: Up to 500mm/h
Recommended Print Speed: Up to 250mm/h
Max Hotend Temperature: 300°C
Pre-installed with Klipper firmware
121-Point Auto Bed Leveling
Gantry LED light strip
Overheat protection switch
Neptune Pro features the following:
Intelligent segmented heatbed
All-metal guide rails


Elegoo Neptune 4 3D Printer Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro 3D Printer
Model Neptune 4 Neptune 4 Pro
Price $259 $299
Intelligent Segmented Heatbed
All-Metal Guide Rails