Elegoo Neptune 3 (PRO) PLUS / MAX - Always Perfect First Layer 16-Point Auto Leveling Touch screen PEI

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The major difference between Neptune 3 (non-pro) and PRO version is below:
A. Neptune 3 PRO uses Sprite Direct Drive hotend that is soft material (TPU) friendly. It prints filament as soft as 70A (at 15mm/s) with perfection.
B. Neptune 3 PRO is slightly bigger in printing size by 5 mm more (at 225 mm) with an LED light bar under the gantry rail.

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*Neptune 2 (discontinued) Series available with us too at CLEARANCE PRICE - this link

This listing is a DIY 3D printer that requires assembly, calibration, modifications & dedication. It’s great only for who love to do homework, research and learn on YouTube as well as on users communities. Please only buy this model if you ENJOY this process. 

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*REMINDER: this is a used unit. NOT REFURBISHED

Neptune 3 Pro/Plus/Max models share the same following components if the intention is sourcing parts for fixup:
- monitor/controller
- mainboard (reflashing firmware required)
- hotend assembly

* the components of Neptune 3 is not compatible with the PRO/Plus/Max versions.

-- Manufacturer's Description --

  • 【RSG Leveling System】 Neptune 3 is equipped with a one-button leveling function, using a 16-point RSG leveling system with a strain gauge pressure sensor to adjust the print level more precisely, and the leveling process is simpler and faster. Neptune 3 has a built-in ultra-quiet motherboard, the XY axis uses TMC2225 silent driver, and the E0 axis T uses MC2209 silent driver, which makes the printing sound lower than 50DBA and brings you a good printing experience.
  • 【PEI Magnetic Platform】 Neptune 3 is equipped with a PEI spring steel magnetic platform with a special layer to remove the model without the need for a spatula. The 250W hotbed can be heated to 100°C in a few minutes. The printing speed is increased to 30-180mm/s. The print volume is 0x220x280mm.
  • 【Advanced Extruder Technology】 The spring elastic adjustment function in the double gear extruder is matched with the titanium alloy throat to avoid uneven output and reduce the risk of material blockage. The V-shaped guide roller uses imported POM material, and the printing process is smoother. An intelligent cooling system is used, which automatically shuts down when the temperature is less than 50°. The cooling fans on both sides speed up the process of cooling.
  • 【Resume Printing Function】 A filament sensor is used, which automatically stops printing when the filament is exhausted or blocked, and resumes printing when the filament is loaded. Equipped with 400W famous brand power supply, it has the functions of short circuit protection, overload protection and overvoltage protection to ensure long-term stable printing.
  • 【Solid Frame Design】 The sturdy frame with portable handle and elevated gantry makes the printing process more stable. 4.3inch detachable full-color touch screen can be operated by hand or fixed on the machine, making the operation simpler and more efficient. 8 languages are supported.