3-Step Buying Guide for Resin 3D Printers

Step 1- Choose your printing size & Resolution
Mars - 2K LCD with 6" size (equivalent to 0.05 mm nozzles in terms of FDM printing)
Saturn - 4K LCD with 8.9" size (50-micron pixel - within the bare human eye visibility threshold)
Mars 4 Max - 6K LCD with 9.1" size (34-micron pixel - very good human eye can see down to about 40 microns)
Saturn 8K - 8K LCD with 10" size(28.5-micron pixel - about the size of human blood cells)
Saturn 3 - 12K LCD with 10" size (19-micron pixel - microscope required to see the details)

Step 2 - Pick a washing/curing station accordingly
Elegoo Mercury Plus can be paired with Elegoo Mars 1/2/3
Elegoo X Bundle can be paired with all other models

Step 3 - Get 3D printing resin of your choice by type and color
Standard Resin
Water Washable
ABS-like Tough Resin
We have deals for assorted color/types here at $20 per bottle (1KG size) 

These 3 steps include EVERYTHING you need to start resin 3D printing. Plug-in, pour the resin and happy printing! Start your craft work today with Elegoo resin printers! Perfect for art work, miniatures, jewelers, dentist professional milling and more much more!

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