Hiring - join us

Please email your resume to us at info@GreatDealsNV.com and let us know the best hours to contact you!

Position:  Full-time Technician, Warehouse Manager (key holder)
Work Hours: 9.30 am - 3.30 pm (flexible ±30mins)
+1 additional Sunday evening shift (optional)
Salary: $15.00 - $30.00 per hour

- Candidates must feel comfortable performing hands-on work - 70% work requires using tools, wearing gloves, fixing merchandise, handling packaging in the store. 30% work requires good communication, administrative and space organizing skills. Merchandise weight range is from 20 - 30 lbs (most cases) to 100 lbs (rarely)

- 40 hours training required at $15/hr (no commission during training). Hourly after training will be $15 to $30 depending on performance


  1. Order fulfillment - eBay/Newegg/Etsy within 1 day. FB/Mercari/OfferUp within 2 days.

*ALL customers MUST be informed/contacted in case of delay/holding on the SAME DAY. All initial phone calls & texts must be responded within 1 hour during the business hours.


  1. Shipping/receiving.

Each out-going parcel MUST be scanned - carriers MUST be greeted (cash tipped).

Pictures required on shipment RETURNED back to us (we as the SENDER)

Picture reporting required on mis-used (OVER-SIZED) return shipment (especially none-retail boxes)

Tracking shipment number counts (receiving/out-going)


  1. Sorting/organizing merchandise. Minimizing DIMENSIONAL over-weight boxes:

for 3D printers: Generic/non-retail boxes MUST be processed RIGHT away.

for miscellaneous return: flatten both under/oversized boxes like P5, Q1 boxes. Only leave RETAIL PACKAGING

NO GENERIC BOXES ALLOWED in office area - all need to be unpacked/checked/flattened

Defective units MUST be marked/labeled with CLEAR damage


  1. Local sales – relisting is required every 2-3 days. MUST BE UPDATED WEEKLY
  2. Daily Communication Protocols. The following reports and updates should be completed by the end of each workday:
    - Log all shipping activity, scan received parcels, update the inventory tracking sheet.
    - Document any withheld orders, customer inquiries, and replacement requests in the to-do list for follow-up.
    - Send pictures of any damaged merchandise, vandalism, freight issues, oversized packaging as well as retail return (orders fulfilled by us)
    - Record all expenses, in-store sales, and pickup payments to ensure accurate financial tracking.