DOBRO Drill Impact Driver Drill Bit Holder - Holds 6 x Regular OR 3 x XL Over-sized Hex Bits on Drill

Type: 3D print
The product is bidirectional - it can be install either on the left or the right side.

【Perfect for Over-Sized Hex Bits】 As pictured that over-size hex bits can be easily carried horizontally without rubbing/blocking hands. It can be attached either on the left/right side of the drill without blocking the battery pack.

【Drill Pouch Friendly】Drills and impact drivers can be placed in a waist pouch or holester (VS. top-mounted holders)

【Universal Hex Bit Holder】Each holds 3 x extra long over-size bits OR up to 6 x regular bits.

【Compatibility】works with most models of impact drivers & drils brands by Craftsman DeWalt KoBalt Makita Porter-Cable.

【Upgraded Material】PETG (upgrade from ABS or PLA) -> Made of heavy-duty PETG material (food-safe grade), stronger than most PLA holders in the market TPU (upgrade from rubber or TPE) -> TPU is elastic like rubber, similar to the Flexible TPE but stronger and harder than Silicone or TPE. It allows repeated movement or impact without cracking

Colors: Available in white, black, gray. A random color will be shipped.

Note: please do NOT dispose the original factory belt clips for your impact drivers/drills. This product requires that exact belt clip bolt to lock this product onto the drill. The product does NOT include a bolt due to the fact that every brand/model of impact drivers/drills has their own size/length of the belt clip bolts - please use the factory original bolts that comes with your impact drivers/drill (or it can be easily found at a local HomeDepot or Lowe's store)

-- Compatibility List --
Craftsman - most models
DeWalt - most models
KoBalt - most models
Makita - most models
Porter-Cable - most models
Bosch - Not yet, working on it
Hitachi - Not yet, working on it
Milwaukee - Not yet, working on it
Ridgid - Not yet, working on it

A great replacement for the belt clip.
Can be attached either on the left/right side of the drill without blocking the battery pack
*the pictured model drill is Teccpo.

-- Warranty --
30-Day exchange warranty if there's any product damage.
A great gift for neighbors, contractors, friends & family!