【Bulk Filament Deal】1.75mm 3D Printing PLA PETG ASA Filament Spools

$41.00 Regular price $140.00
Type: 3D print
Type - Quanity
  • New/Sealed > Inspected in new, factory vacuum sealed and never used condition.
  • Opened/left-over > We use digital scale to make sure buyers have net weight (after subtract packaging/spool weight) at of or more than the purchase amount with a useable amount more than 80% guaranteed. These are used, filament returned by customers WITHOUT factory seal.
Elegoo branded filament. Colors are randomly assorted (might be 1 color or multiple colors) 99% chance either black OR white - few other colors. Please select the types accordingly.

For TPU filament, please use this listing (non-Elegoo branded)

Please use PLA Rapid if high speed printing is intended (30% more tensile/impact strength)