Tips for customers importing from the US to Canada

For Canadians looking to save on import and broker fees when buying from the USA, here are streamlined tips:

1. **Self-Clearance**: You can avoid brokerage fees by self-clearing your items. Contact the courier to obtain the necessary paperwork and present it to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to pay any duties and taxes directly[5].

2. **Choose a Different Broker**: If you don't want to self-clear, consider using a third-party customs broker. They may offer more competitive rates than the brokerage service provided by the shipping company[5].

3. **Plan Ahead**: If you're a frequent importer, establish a relationship with a customs broker before you make your purchase. This can streamline the process and potentially reduce costs[5].

4. **Understand Duties and Taxes**: Be aware of the types of items you're purchasing and the associated duties and taxes. Use the CBSA's duty and taxes estimator to get an idea of the costs involved[5].

5. **Examine Shipping Options**: Some shipping options may include brokerage fees in their overall cost, which might be more economical than paying for shipping and brokerage separately[5].

* contributed by customer Mason - shipped to Saskatoon SK S7K 6A5