About us

NV Liquidation LLC is dedicated to democratizing at-home manufacturing by providing affordable and reliable 3D printers priced lower than standard inkjet printers. With the goal of enabling creators and entrepreneurs, we aim to put 3D printing capabilities into the hands of home hobbyists.

Leveraging expertise from our seasoned team of engineers, we design and produce desktop 3D printers that are easy to use and maintain. Our printers' competitive pricing makes advanced fabrication technology accessible to individuals at costs on par with traditional 2D printing.

Central to our customer value proposition is an unrelenting commitment to quality and service. Our skilled technicians thoroughly test new models and rigorously refurbish resold units to ensure outstanding performance and longevity. We back our products with responsive customer support and maintenance instructional resources.

As we scale our operations to serve the growing home creator market, we remain focused on our founding principle - democratizing access to technologies that enable people to turn imagination into reality. We aim to build an inclusive innovation ecosystem that empowers makers and creators from all walks of life.

NV Liquidation LLC