Lot of 2-Pack Fix-up Projects Elegoo Neptune Series FDM 3D printers

Type: 3D Printers

The listing pictures are for reference. This reflects the AVERAGE condition of defected and damaged units - we will pick 2 units from the lot with damage and defects that compliments each other (as donor/donee units) so that 1x fully functional unit is 100% guaranteed (or ANY parts are on us). This is a great project for doers that enjoy the learning and fix-up process. 

For example (as shown in the pictures)
Unit 1 has bad hotend, U frame, very filthy

Unit 2 has bad mainboard, PSU with cleaner cosmetics
They can compliment each other.

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For extra consumable accessories, please refer to the link below:

-- Compatibility notes --

touch screen controllers are interchangeable among ALL these 7 models (firmware reflahsing is required)
Neptune 3 Pro, 3 Plus, 3 Max, Neptune 4, 4 Pro, 4 Plus, 4 max

main boards are interchangeable throughout the series:
Neptune 3 series: 3 Pro, 3 Plus, 3 Max - same main board (firmware reflahsing is required)
Neptune 4 series: 4, 4 Pro - same physical main board (firmware reflahsing is required)
Neptune 4 Plus, 4 max
 - same physical main board (firmware reflahsing is required)

hotend assembly is interchangeable throughout the generations
Neptune 3 series: 3 Pro, 3 Plus, 3 Max - same hotend (just plug-in, no action required)
Neptune 4 series: 4, 4 Pro - same hotend (just plug-in, no action required)
Neptune 4 Plus, 4 max - same hotend (it has a black chip for X axis accelerometer)

-- No Return Policy --
In (rare) cases customers have ANY issues with our inspected items, we strive to RESOLVE these issues by send ANY necessary replacement parts/units. However, if customers file return claims instead of giving it a chance of replacement/exchange, we may be forced to permanently restrict their ability to make future purchases from our store. 

This decision is made in an effort to maintain a sustainable business model and ensure that we can continue to serve our valued customers who truly want to give pre-owned products a second life. Our store reviews reflect our commitment to providing the BEST and EASIEST warranty policy by shipping replacement parts or units whenever needed.

As a liquidation company, we assist manufacturers in managing their overstock inventory and offer exceptional deals to our customers. Due to our business nature, we differ from traditional retailers and do NOT offer returns. Our operating model focuses on facilitating the elimination of overstocked goods, necessitating a strict stance on returns. We understand this may differ from your expectations, and we kindly request your understanding.

Most commonly seen damage on FDM units (might contain one or ALL):
A. wobbly/deformed X cartridge/Y plate/Z lead screws
B. Not homing properly/limit switch error/stepper motor wiring
C. bad thermistor(re-wiring/replacing required) jammed/clogged hotend
D. Bad board, EMMC, firmware issues, not power on etc.