Entina WiFi 3D Printer Built-in Camera DUAL Independent Extruder ME40 X40 V2 300x300x400 mm

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Both models have the same max budling size of 300 x 300 x 400 mm. The difference is blow:

ME40 is the best large ABS printer that it supports 300℃ High-Temp Printing without upgrades needed. It does NOT have built-in camera, Wi-Fi; it only has 1x single extruder.

While X40 v2 model is one of the most intelligent available models with DUAL independent extruders, built-in camera, WiFi transmission. It also comes with high-end printing hardwares - linear rails, dual Z axis, dual extruders etc. It's the combination of every feature we could possibly image to have on a 3D printer.

Same day pick-up available or fast shipping from Las Vegas Nevada 89103
Shipping Size: 66 x 58 x 32 cm - 26" x 23" x 14"
Shipping Weight - 
35 LBS

This listing is a DIY 3D printer that requires assembly, calibration, modifications & dedication. It’s great only for who love to do homework, research and learn on YouTube as well as on users communities. Please only buy this model if you ENJOY this process. 

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Good Used Condition -> backed with 30-day warranty by our store - you will have a FULLY FUNCTIONAL UNIT OR YOU GET FREE REPLACEMENT (parts/units). It was inspected, cleaned, repaired to full working order and is in overall good pre-owned condition. It WILL contain aesthetic signs of wear/teas/scratches. This item may be repackaged.
*REMINDER: this is a used unit. NOT REFURBISHED

For Parts Only (fix-up DIY projects) -> The unit was returned in a poor condition that contains heavy signs of wears/tears/aesthetic issues such as scratches, dents/cracking.  It might not come with original factory packaging. We only test if it powers on. It might miss one or  ALL parts/hardware/accessories. Our store warranty is that customers will make 1x FULLY functional unit for purchase of every 2 units - or you get FREE replacement parts on your fix-up projects. Great as source of parts/hardware for purchase of 1 unit.
* The benefits of Elegoo products are that they are supported with comprehensive range of parts/accessories/replacement available on the market, which almost makes every unit fully restorable. Feel free to leave us a note if you want to avoid/deal with certain types of repairs such as LCD/UV LED/Mainboard/Axis repairs - we will do our best to pick the units you know how to fix.

X40 v2 Manufacturer's Description: 
  •  【Independent Dual Extruder】WEEDO X40V2 designed with independent dual extruders on the linear rail, with the dual extrusion, duplication and mirror mode printing, it’s super-efficient if you run a 3d printing farm.
  • 【Auto-leveling 3d printer】WEEDO IDEX X40V2 is designed with proximity sensor to improve the overall printing reliability. We have also added essential quality of life features such as print resume after power loss and auto power off to save energy.
  • 【User Friendly UI System】WEEDO X40V2 adopts a 4.3-inch full-color touch screen.The user-friendly UI is equipped with a multi-language interface. Can’t remember what you named your .gcode? Don’t worry! The graphical print interface displays a preview picture and details for each model, making it easy to identify your sliced file from Wiibuilder.
  • 【Build in Camera 】WEEDO X40V2 equipped with ESP32 Wi-Fi chip and a built-in camera module that allows you to check your printer in the local area network. You can also start prints over the network with CURA and our Wiibuilder slicer integrations.When X40 connect to our control App: PoloPrint Pro,you’ll be able to receive notifications from your social account when prints are complete.
  • 【Help Button & Warranty】The UI includes a context based Help icon, which is convenient for beginners to quickly get guidance on how to use the interface based on where they are on the menu.