Best Value "Ender3" Models Comparison

Ender3s - models based on Ender3 (Neptune, Aquila, Qidi etc)

Voxelab Aquila is priced at Ender 3 and an upgraded version of the Ender 3 (which had the same specs of its predecessor Aquila C2). It's a 100% match to Ender V2 - just with $100 lower in MSRP as a later comer in the market. This unit comes with 32-bit open-source mainboard that saves users $100+ in parts and labor to upgrade Ender 3 V2 motherboard (the version 4.2.2 motherboard - famous for overheating stepper motors with shifted layer issues over long hours prints, please refer to Yotube & Reddit) Voxelab Aquila is also compatible with open source Marlin Firmware that unlocks the possibility of auto-leveling/filament detection as optional features.

Voxelab is a sister brand of FlashForge, a top-notched 3D manufacturer, rated as the strongest competitor to Creality and Prusa. Known for superb durability and product optimization.

  Ender 3 Aquila Ender 3 V2 Aquila X2
Main Board 8-bit 32-bit 32-bit 32-bit
Monitor Black/White Color Color  Color
X-axis Tesioner NO Yes Yes Yes
Metal Handle NO NO NO Yes
Filament Detection NO NO NO Yes
Retail Price $199 $199 $289 $229