About our management


In 2017, co-founders Congrui YU and Muzhi LI came together with a shared vision to assist Amazon sellers with their inventory and customer service needs. Their journey started years ago when they met while studying in Ukraine in 2006. Little did they know that their paths would cross again, this time in the United States, where they would lay the groundwork for their innovative venture.

After completing their studies, Congrui YU ventured into e-commerce and began selling on Amazon, while Muzhi LI and his family settled in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their diverse experiences and perspectives became the driving force behind a partnership that sought to make a difference for Amazon sellers worldwide.

Before the Covid started, Congrui YU frequently traveled to the US for business and noticed an unmet demand in the e-commerce industry. He saw an opportunity to create a company that offered comprehensive solutions for Amazon sellers, addressing issues like returns, damages, defects, and managing stranded inventory.

Thus, in 2017, NV LIQUIDATION LLC was born. Guided by Congrui YU's expertise, the company set out to salvage thousands of Amazon products, helping sellers recover losses through professional repairs and restoration services. Positive feedback poured in from Amazon sellers (manufacturers) and retail customers across various marketplaces, validating the value of their services.

As the business flourished, Muzhi LI took the helm of daily operations, ensuring smooth and efficient management from the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Beyond its success, NV LIQUIDATION LLC is driven by a commitment to sustainability and reducing waste. Early on, Congrui YU experienced firsthand the impact of Amazon waste, motivating him to establish the company with a focus on making a positive environmental difference while supporting Amazon sellers.

Today, NV LIQUIDATION LLC is a trusted and leading force in the e-commerce industry. Their range of services, from warehousing to customer support, product refurbishing, and resale, reflects their dedication to excellence and responsible business practices.

We invite you to explore our website and learn how NV LIQUIDATION LLC can help you tackle your e-commerce challenges with integrity and efficiency. Join us on this journey towards a sustainable and successful future.