2 x LONGER Lifespan Flexible Magnetic PEI Sheet Bed 235 x 235 mm for Ender 3, Aquila, Neptune 2/3

1 Textured PEI Sheet + 1 Base (1 x 2-sided sheet, Brown) -> 1 pack of 2-sided textured PEI sheet
Great adhesion and ultra long lifespan (almost wear-free when maintained properly, great for daily volume makers)
  •  【No More Scraping】Prints are removeable once the bed is cooled. Lift the print plate, sligihtly flex it and prints pop right off!
  • 【Easy to Prep】Simply wipe with rubbing alcohol (magic erasers are RECOMMENDED) between prints and ready to work! Glue sticks are no longer a must (RECOMMENDED for certain prints/filaments).
  • 【Value 2x Lifespan】Either 2-sided or 2-packs is great for multiple use. Long-lasting & 1x magnet base
  • 【Size】Works with Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3X, Ender 3 V2, Aquila X2, Neptune, QIDI of which the the actual size of hot beds is is 235 mm x 235 mm (9 1/4 inches coverage)  while the software slicing size is 220 mm x 220 mm